Studio Works

Studio works:

Would you like me to play on your latest project? My experience with artists from all over the world and over 50,000,000 streams on Spotify alone is a clue to how well I know the world of guitar sessions.

My mission is to exalt your music as good as it can possibly.You want someone to take the time to understand exactly what you are looking for, someone to can work quickly. You want cleanly played, well recorded, nice sounding tracks.

My studio session based around Apple iMac, MacBook Pro, Logic Pro  X, Mesa Boogie Amp, Fender Amp, Dv Mark Amp, Guitar Rig 5,UAD, SSL, Neve, Avalon, Lexicon, Tc Electronic, Softube, Neural Dsp, Mercuriall etc.. . Tracks are recorded at 44.1kHz 24 bit with great tone for your music. I can read charts and melodic line.

Remote Recording sessions:

Do you want me to record the best sounding guitars for your productions? I can work for you as Remote Session Guitar Player. Back in the past, if you needed to record guitars for your productions you had to select a musician, a recording studio, physically go to the studio, spend days to get the best audio quality possible. You had to spend an incredible amount of hours setting the microphones and the amps, adding effects etc. Pay the musicians you selected, pay the studio.

In recent years thanks to advanced technology,every musician can now work relax in his home studio, recording the best possible guitars and exchanging the audio files through the web.

What are  incredible advantage for you and why you should hire me for your productions?

I work with relax from my home studio, no other costs are previewed.

No extra fees due to moving, hiring a studio and a sound engineer, carrying heavy amps.

Guitars will sound great and I can play for you practically any music style.

You can have different reviews of your guitars until the result is perfect for you.

I’m a reader and I can find the best sound for your production. I can also help you to find the best solution for your song and makes it sound GREAT:  I will just find the best sounding part for your song!!

How does it works? 

Send me an email to , We will discuss about the work, the sounds you want, the music style etc . I’m there to listen to you. I can not wait to work with you 🙂