Who we are

Luigi Production born from an idea of ​​Luigi Pistillo.

Composer, Orchestrator, Guitarist, Producer, Arranger, Teacher.


Graduated with honors in the music conservatory. He studied in two prestigious Italian conservatories: Ferrara for Jazz Guitar and Pescara for Contemporary Writing & Arranging.

He studied with some of the best teachers in Italy: Angelo Valori, Roberto Spadoni, Mike Applebaum, Teo Ciavarella, Maurizio Rolli, Paolo Silvestri, etc.


Multifaceted musician has numerous live collaborations, over 1000 gigs in Italy and Europe including Bracco Di Graci and Maler with whom he has participated in important events such as the Premio Tenco in Sanremo and the Mantova Music Festival.


He created Luigi Production for the production and distribution of Beats, Loops, Sounds, Drumkits, etc.).

His productions are distributed on the prestigious  Producerloops and on  Big Fish Audio 
for kits and loop, Beat on Beat Stars.  Also intense activity in the recording studio where he often plays the role of composer, producer and arranger, as well as guitarist. The album “A Sud Di Nessun Nord” by Antonio Pignatiello is considered one of the best albums of 2015 among Italian singer-songwriters.
He produced Antonio Greco and the young and talented Anna Teresa Rubino. Together with his fraternal friend and producer Matteo Passarelli he works as production consultant and arranger of Orpheus Music Production. He arranged and made guitars for several artists including Ilaria D’Andragora, Maddalena, Luca Orlando, and others.
Actually working as producer, arranger and guitarist for next  Mauro Masè song (Paris)


He has created as a player the guitars for many artists from all over the world (over 50.000.000 streams on Spotify)  including ROCK IN RIO  LISBOA 2018, ROCK IN RIO BRAZIL 2019, HAMZA HAWSAWI, KEVIN MCKAY,  YANN  MULLER ,GLACEO, MARPHIL, BENJAMIN BOCCONI, ELLIS MIAH, MICHAEL DONABY, A-SIRR, ALEX PSYRRAKOS, SOGMA PRODUCTION,FDVM, SACO, TOM GOSS, B.O.N, DOUG GOMEZ , Maler, Xena, Cecilia, Ivan Bellini, Bracco Di Graci, Toni Augello, Tammy, Gabriele Torrente, Eb Ram, Madlain and many others.


Also active as a teacher as a modern guitar teacher at various facilities such as Auxing, Mad Mattinata, etc..He is columnist for Guitar Praxis.